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Our energy is simple, smart, and fair

Our reimagined energy tariff is built for your smart world. Smart notifications, smart payment, smart support... all in your pocket.

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We’ve made switching to our energy as simple and clear as possible. It’s super easy... 2 minutes easy!

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Save money on your energy bill

Our Energy plan is designed to be as fair as possible and guarantee you savings compared to the standard plans of the largest suppliers - the sort of unfair plan that yours and millions of other households likely still have.

NPower vs. Homeshift Energy

Estimated cost to power an
 average size 3 bed home

Homeshift energy vs npower 302a7e35f62bd544aab6ae629e708609cfbf356cb7b514e54d33fdc47525bf9c

Compared vs NPower default Electric and Gas tariff (01.11.17)

One amazing tariff for everyone

No introductory offers or price hikes. All our customers pay the exact same best price we can offer because we always pass on the savings.

  • Cheaper than most default tariffs
  • No exit fees, no price hike, one fair price

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Tariff type Fixed Rate
Electric unit rate 17.02p per kWh
Electric standing charge 30.56p per day
Gas unit rate 4.19p per kWh
Gas standing charge 19.83p per day
Payment method Monthly by card
Exit fee £0... nothing
Showing Homeshift tariff info for E2 0BS

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We sell our own Internet and Energy plans and can help you set up your Water and Council Tax bills all online. Read more about the services here.