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Fast internet at a fair, flat price

Our internet uses the fastest standard broadband technology in the UK. It’s cheaper than most standard plans and unlike most providers, we keep our monthly price the same after 12 months.

Save money on your internet bill

Our Internet is designed to be as fair as possible and guarantee you savings compared to the most popular standard plans in the UK.

BT Internet vs. Homeshift Internet

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Compared vs BT Unlimited Broadband plan

One amazing plan for everyone

No introductory offers or price hikes. All our customers pay the exact same best price we can offer because we always pass on the savings.

  • 24mbps - fastest standard broadband
  • 12 month contract - unlimited usage
  • No price increase after 12 months

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Up to Speed 24mbps
Contract length 12 months
(no price rise)
Usage Unlimited
Monthly cost £27.99
After 12 months £27.99
(no price rise)
Router cost £40
(one off cost)
Activation cost
(if needed)
Anytime exit fee £38.50
Early exit fee £17.50
x remaining months
Call plan All calls
 turned off
because who uses a landline!

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Our services

We sell our own Internet and Energy plans and can help you set up your Water and Council Tax bills all online. Read more about the services here.