The Low-down

Every year homeowners and tenants in the UK miss out on household bill savings totalling £12.7 billion or £470 per property. Why? Because suppliers make it difficult for them to manage their household bills effectively. We think that’s wrong and consequently we’re going into battle to win that money back for them.

After registering with Homeshift people can easily see how much their Electricity, Gas, Water, Council Tax, Broadband and Home Insurance are costing them. We then get them a better deal by using our technology to find out if someone is overpaying.

Sign up and join our movement. We want to ensure that suppliers don’t profit from the nation’s indifference to household bills. And as well as being free to use, our service and its data are transparent because we’re on a mission to help millions of people manage their home finances more effectively.

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Kenny Alegbe

CEO & Founder

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Tom Kelly

Marketing & Growth

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